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Free Bathroom Renovation Printables

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been staring at your disastrous bathroom(s) for weeks (if not months) trying to figure out what the heck to do with it.

Perhaps you’ve thought about redecorating and reorganizing it; I know I have. But the thought of organizing everything and figuring out how I wanted to decorate it seemed entirely too daunting.

Quite honestly, if you think about it, we spend so much time in the bathroom. So, I think our bathrooms totally deserve a glow up! I think if we can start our days off even just a bit more organized, maybe the rest of the day will follow suit?

Thus, to help you (and me!) reorganize and redecorate our bathrooms, I created a set of bathroom renovation printables to help get us on track to glorious bathroom mornings.

Free Bathroom Renovation Printables

These free bathroom renovation printables are in PDF form, and they’re completely editable!

If you’d like to grab it, it’s direct linked below:

Free Bathroom Renovation Planner Printable

How to Edit

If you want to edit them, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program!). Simply open the printables in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and you’ll see light blue boxes where you can type. Don’t worry, the blue won’t be visible if you print!

Alternatively, simply open the PDF and print them off to use as traditional hard copy printables.

How to Use

For best printing results, change your printer settings to “borderless”, and make sure it prints “actual size” and doesn’t try to scale it. It’s no big deal if your printer does this, it just means you’ll have a white border around the entire page.

I also recommend printing all my printables on cardstock as they feel much more luxurious, print with better colours, and are way more durable this way.

Since there’s quite a few sections to these bathroom renovation printables, I’ll give you a quick rundown.

  • Theme » Pick a theme and write it down! I picked spa as my theme, which helped me search up inspiration on Pinterest.
  • Characteristics » What are some of the features of your chosen theme? For me, spa bathrooms seem to have unified colour palettes, lots of greenery, things like this.
  • Budget » How much do you want to spend?
  • Color Palette » When shopping for decor, I think it’s helpful to have a color palette in mind. I didn’t choose one right away, and so I found it difficult to know if an item would match.
    • Create your own printable color palette down below! Click on the coloured boxes, then move the tracker around in the circle to select your colour. Then click the print link! Cut and paste these diamonds in the color palette section. Alternatively, print them off on sticker paper.
  • Inspiration » Found some inspiring photos? Print them off and glue them (or use sticker paper) to the squares!
  • To Keep » What aspects of your bathroom would you like to keep? (e.g. vanity, flooring, etc.)
  • To Modify » What aspects of your bathroom would you like to change/add/remove?
  • Budgeting » In this giant table, fill in items you’d like to purchase! Starting with the first column, the number of items you’d like to purchase. Followed by the name of the item, retailer who sells the item, what your budget for that item is, what the actual price is. Once you’ve purchased it, add a check mark to the final column!
  • Notes » Any miscellaneous information you’d like to keep track of. (i.e. the color codes from your color palette!!)
  • Price » The tallied price of all the items budgeted.

These printables are based on the lengthy process I went through while trying to redecorate and orgnaize my bathroom, so hopefully by having these printables, you’ll be way more efficient than I was!

Happy decorating and organizing!


Struggling to crack down and decorate and organize your bathroom? Me too! So I've created a free bathroom renovation planner printable set to help us achieve our glorious bathroom goals. This bathroom printable set is completely editable and I've provided a colour picker in my post to help you create your colour palette.

P.S. If you use these to redecorate or organize your bathroom, I’d love to see! Also let me know if you found them helpful, or if you think I should make versions for other rooms!

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