How to Create a Spa Bathroom (Theoretically!)

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Interested in redecorating your bathroom such that it resembles a luxurious, relaxing spa? Me too! I’ve been inspired by tons of Pinterest pins of beautiful spa bathrooms and I’ve found a few pictures that really inspired me.

Here’s one of the photos I found that elegantly captures what I would want my spa bathroom to look like:

P.S. I tried locating the original source of this image, but to no avail. It’s found all over Google and Pinterest!

Something that I thought would be fun to try is to (theoretically) recreate room photos using only Amazon products. This way, everything is obtained from one place and you don’t even have to leave the house! (For all us homebodies out there)

I’m hoping that the products I found will provide some inspiration and ideas for your spa bathroom too!

But, before I share the products I found, I think it’s helpful to breakdown the overall features of this spa bathroom to help us later when we’re finding décor pieces.

Spa Bathroom Features

Cool-toned Color Palette

As you can see from the photo, this spa bathroom has a bit of a cooler and darker color palette compared to other spa bathrooms I’ve seen. Specifically, it incorporates cool-toned wood, slate, and stone, as well as some lovely white rocks inset in the floor.


Another aspect of this spa bathroom is that it’s relatively uncluttered. In fact, I think this is a common feature of most spa bathrooms and is something I really enjoy about them. (i.e. hide basically everything in your bathroom 😂)

High-profile Ceilings

The high-profile ceilings of this bathroom also help unclutter the bathroom, making it feel more open and luxurious. That being said, you can still definitely achieve a spa bathroom without high-profile ceilings!

Mixed Metal Hardware

The hardware seems to vary throughout the bathroom. In particular, the sink faucet appears to be chrome, whereas the light fixtures and toilet paper roll holder appear to be dark bronze or black hardware.

Contrasting Toilet and Sink

The white sink and toilet add pleasing contrast to the darker tones in this bathroom.

Inset Shelving

Another feature that appears to be common among spa bathrooms is inset shelving. Inset shelving adds practical storage, while minimizing the cluttered feel that some traditional shelving units may add.


Now onto the fun part; the décor pieces! Here are some of the products I found that I think could be used to recreate this spa bathroom, and I hope you find some inspiration in them too:


One of the products visible on the inset shelves is a grey tray. Trays are an extremely versatile decor piece that can easily dress-up any room.

While I’m unsure of the exact material of the tray in this bathroom, based on the cool-toned color palette and stone walls, I think a stone or concrete tray would suite this spa bathroom quite well.

My personal favourite of the bunch is the Modern Concrete Tray due to its pleasing texture and overall shape:


Although it’s difficult to determine what’s on the tray in the photo, one of the items appears to resemble the shape of a candle.

Candles are another versatile decor piece that can be utilized in various rooms, and can be used to add warmth (literally and color-wise) and atmosphere. Moreover, I think candles are basically a staple in any spa bathroom.

Here are some of the spa bathroom candles I found:

I selected candles that I felt represented a spa. A majority of them have beautiful wooden lids and frosted glass. In addition, they’re available in various scents and colours.

I probably have two favourite candles. Focus + Patience and Peace + Tranquility are gorgeous candles, and I think they would suite this spa bathroom really well.

Plant Pots

Another decor item apparent on the shelves is a plant pot. Similar to the tray, I think a stone or concrete pot would be perfect for this bathroom theme.

Here are a few concrete plant pots that I enjoy:

In addition to the plant pot, make sure to grab some greenery to fill it!

Lotion Bottles

Next on the shelves are some gorgeous spa lotion bottles. If you don’t already own spa lotion bottles, you could easily purchase some empty bottles and fill them with your favourite lotion.

I had a tough time finding good quality empty lotion bottles on Amazon. Most of the bottles I found rusted quickly based on buyer reviews. Thus, I opted for plastic pumps instead of metal to avoid inevitable rusting.

Here are some of the quality empty bottles I found:

You could definitely go for black or white lotion bottle pumps, it’s whatever your preference is.

For an even more spa-like feel, add some nice spa labels to your lotion bottles!


Towels are another staple for any bathroom, including spa bathrooms!

The shelves in this bathroom are sporting some lovely (grey?) towels, elegantly rolled and stacked.

Here are some of my favorite Amazon towel finds

Additional Shelving Decor

The last few shelving decor items are a bit hard to make out. So, I picked out various decor items that I think would look great on these shelves!

My personal favourite are the Tealight Candle Holders and the 3-Piece Carved Wood Vases. I think both of these items are super unique and would complement this bathroom well.

Soap Dish

Moving away from shelving decor, the countertop decor is also a bit hard to make out. But, I’d say a good soap dish is an important piece in any bathroom (alternatively, grab a soap dispenser!)

Here are some spa-inspired decor pieces that could easily sport your favourite spa soap bar: (Don’t actually use a ‘soap’ bar on your hands, make sure it doesn’t have a basic pH!)


Another common spa bathroom theme is greenery! Adding real plants is a great way to help the environment by reducing carbon dioxide in the air, and great for supplying oxygen to your home.

Alternatively, grab some artificial plants for a pop of color to your spa bathroom.

You can see some lovely greenery on the countertop in this spa bathroom, and here are some (artificial) greenery options that you could place in a stone or concrete plant pot:

Bamboo Toiletries

Again, bamboo toiletries are super common in spa bathrooms. This particular spa bathroom appears to have a bamboo hairbrush on the countertop, but you could easily use bamboo toothbrushes, etc.

Here are a few bamboo hairbrushes I found:

Pendant Lighting

A relatively unique feature of this spa bathroom is the lovely hanging pendant light fixtures.

I think they’re super unique and complement the high-profile ceilings.

Even if you don’t have high profile ceilings, most of the pendant light fixtures I found have adjustable dimensions:

My favourite pendant light fixture is this one. I love the shape of the glass, and it’s relatively inexpensive!

Concrete Walls

The last thing I love about the bathroom is the concrete walls. Even if you don’t have stone or concrete walls, this look can easily and relatively inexpensively be achieved using contact paper!

Contact paper is my new favourite decor obsession. It sticks to basically any surface, and is removable. This makes it ideal for rental properties! It’s also a great way to great accent walls without having to commit to paint or wallpaper.

Here are a few of my favourite concrete contact papers


I think that about covers everything in the bathroom photo in terms of decor.

The flooring is a bit tricky to match, although the white rocks can easily be found at any home or garden store.

I hope these spa bathroom finds were inspiring for you; I know they were for me!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any of these or similar products, or if you have a spa bathroom you’d like to share! Also, if you enjoyed this post and would like me to create similar posts, let me know too! Feel free to leave photo suggestions too.

Thanks so much for reading!

~ Hope

Looking for inspiration to create your perfect spa bathroom? Me too! I've always wanted to create a spa inspired bathroom, and so I've compiled some excellent Amazon spa decor to help us create the spa bathrooms we've always wanted (theoretically anyways!)
Do you love this spa bathroom?! So do I! I was so inspired by it that I scoured the depths of the internet to try to recreate it. If you're looking to recreate this spa bathroom, or you're looking for spa bathroom decor inspiration and ideas, come look at some of the products I found!

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